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Nakhoul Travel, Founded in 1989, was among the first Travel agencies to be operating directly within the civil war in Lebanon with an initiative return to the hospitality industry as travel and tourism was almost null during that time.

Georges Yaacoub Abi Nakhoul, the founder, had this evolvement and hope towards this country’s survival towards inbound and outbound tourism.

The exclusive thing which helped during this time was hope and God himself knowing that he used to work as an employee at other firms in the field itself for long and was known to be the best among that field.

As he reached to register the company in 1989, he went towards evolving the sectors of this hospitality firm where the services varied through Travel, Tourism, Freight and packing.

In the year 1990, and during the last days of civil war, Nakhoul Travel was announced as a part of the ATTAL (Association of Travel & Tourism Agents in Lebanon).

9 March 1995, Nakhoul Travel was granted the IATA license (International Air Transport association) where the firm was considered part of a worldwide Travel Chains and was granted the UFTAA club (United Federation of Travel Agents’ Association).

On December 4 1999, Nakhoul Travel gained the Club 500 award(Marriott, Renaissance, etc…) as the best seller for those hotel Chains in Lebanon.