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Nakhoul Travel is also a national freight company.

Also known for its external services providing all goods through a national chain worldwide.
Shipments going from or to Beirut through air, sea and land.
As it matters to a form of cargo Nakhoul Travel can also pack and handle all goods in order to be packed through a high quality reserve.
Capacity doesn’t matter as it has a high demand on quantity and we share them to whatever they weigh.
All documents are highly described through a detailed invoice whatever the handling costs were.
Road freight can be easy to close countries and can be delivered “of course” on time.

“Door to Door” explains more about our service with the best time gained through best handling made.
Our professional staff gaining high initiatives to provide you with the best service to be made locally and externally
Our service is made through direct contact to the office for appropriate arrangements or by sending an email to our main address.
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